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For almost 9 months I have adored the boyband IM5. I’m getting tired of people coming at me for being such a “fangirl” and it is starting to drive me up the wall.

Could somebody, anybody really, tell me what a “fangirl” is exactly? I looked it up and it said “Fangirl: an obsessive female fan.” Please tell how I am that exactly?

First of all let me get this straight…  I am not obsessed. I have never shown up at their houses, followed them anywhere, constantly bothered their relatives, or even contacted everyone that I know for their numbers. I mean, I call that obsessed.

But tell me…. What is so different about me tweeting about them when I could also be tweeting about mac n cheese? What is so different about me following the members of IM5 when i could just follow one of my classmates at school? What is so different about talking about IM5’s recent cover/performance when I could be talking about food or a TV show? What is so different about starting to have feelings for one of boys in IM5 when I can have a crush on a “popular” guy at school?
—- What is so different about me liking something such as a boyband when I could just like many of them all at once or not one at all?

I’m tired of being treated differently because of how I love something and it just so happened to be a freaking boyband!

Why is it so hard for some people to understand that me liking  loving IM5 was MY CHOICE. I wasn’t forced to and I also wasn’t “lured” into doing so. They are such great guys who are super talented and sweet. Some people need to see that I’m not here “fangirling” over them but supporting them.

I’m not obsessed with these guys. I’m not hating on these guys. I’m not saying that they aren’t material worth “fangirling” over… I’m just saying that I’m tired of people labeling me as a stupid fangirl, and that I’m wasting my time “obsessing” over something that is bad for me. These guys are chasing their dream in becoming greater, bigger, and better performers. How is this a bad thing? 

To be honest, they literally make me happy every day. If the people who are telling me to stop "fangirling" over them continue to say this… then they are basically telling me to stop supporting something that keeps me going throughout the week. Something that makes me happy.

I don’t think some people understand how much these guys mean to me. I adore them in not a “fangirl” way, but in a loving/supporting one

They are a group of wickedly awesome guys who I love and care for a whole lot. I adore these dudes.. and I will for a long time.

Awwww.. look at Dana sleeping. Toooo cute. Lol

On August 15th, 2013, I decided that I wanted to see IM5 perform live. I only found out about them in early July and fell in love with them so quick that I decided two days before their show to see them perform in Austin, Texas (on the 17th of August).

So basically I left my city of Corpus Christi to go up to Austin with my mom’s friends of whom I never really even met. Lol, we drove all the way up to Austin on the 16th and we all stayed at a mutual friends house. The whole night I was trying to write a note for Will (because wow can you say fangirl?) and I just couldn’t come up with the right words. Eventually I just wrote a two-sided page note for Will and went to bed.

The next morning I woke up and I realized that I really didn’t get much sleep. Haha, I sort of stayed up watching a bunch of their videos and eventually fell asleep with my phone on my face.

Anyways… the event started at 6 and because I never did anything like this before, I didn’t know what time to get there. I asked a bunch of my other friends and one said at around 11 am and another said around 4 …. so I just decided to go around 2.

So I get to the Domain Mall around 2:00 and I my heart is racing and I’m looking all over the place to see if any fans are around so I know where to go. I make sure Will’s note is in my back pocket and then I start to walk a bit faster and see that there’s a spot right at the fence where I can stand and be able to be up close to see the guys perform.

I stood there waiting, occasionally talking to the girls next to me who were from San Antonio and they were quite nice. The girl on my right asked me who I liked out of the band and I sort of hesitated and then I told her that I adore Will and then she made it clear that Dana was her favorite. The two girls on my left were in looovvveee with Dalton & Cole.

It was almost 4:00 and I looked behind my back and saw a crowd start form behind me and I start to get a little excited. Soon we hear a few girls squeal and then I see Dalton pass me and see that he’s with his friends Andrea and Kaitlin. After what seems like pretty much 10 seconds, the two girls on my left told their mother to hold their spots in line while they took a picture with him and so they did…. and since I had no family/friends with me, it really sucked just standing there. Lol

After about 5 minutes I hear a lot more screaming coming from my right and I see Dana, Cole, Gabe, and Will pass by. RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME (I think I posted a video here on Tumblr a couple months ago of Will passing by me…) and so I try to keep calm. But when Will passed by all I could say was, “Hi Will!” and then he said hi back and left with the guys. Gosh, I was so embarrassed..

Soon everyone was talking and laughing and hoping the guys would just come back out already and then they came back out for mic check! That’s when everyone started going crazy we were all smiling and I was sort of staring at Will the whole time, I’m not gonna lie. And I noticed he didn’t really sing that much for the first 5 minutes, just stood there looking around with his bottle of water but soon he did. Cole, Dana, and Dalton were pretty hyper during mic check and talked to us a lot. Gabe kept talking to Jill, who was actually eating frozen yogurt I believe (or was that during their performance… golly I forget a lot).

After maybe 15 minutes all of the guys were singing and they were the cutest things ever. Lol, after their last song I yelled out “I love you, Will!” (I posted the video a while back) and he said “I love you too” into the mic while looking around until he saw me (or maybe he wasn’t looking at me…) because a few fans were. I stood there in shock and pretty much embarrassed but there wasn’t anywhere to hide… so yep. The boys say that they will see us later once they are done with mic check and then we all go back to talking. Well, I kinda just went back to tweeting and hyperventilating.

It hits 6:00 and the guys come out and all of us are screaming. I quickly check for the note in my back pocket and then get my phone back out to start recording. They all huddle together and pray and then go on stage and perform. Throughout their songs I’m recording and trying not to sing because I knew I was going to post this on YouTube sooo yeah. My phone pauses during their cover of “The Way You Make Me Feel” and then turns off during their other cover of “It’s Gonna Be Me”. And I seriously almost cried because I thought it wouldn’t turn back on by the time we had meet and greet.

They finish performing and leave the stage and people start to form a line for the meet & greet. I actually lose my spot and have to move further down to get a spot back in line. The boys come back out and I’m already getting jittery. I see my mother’s friend’s son (Jhustin) and I ask him to buy a “WillJayIM5” bracelet thingie for me so I wouldn’t lose my spot in line. I notice Jill & Dalton’s sister, Sophie, are at the merch table. After watching the meet & greet go through, I see girl after girl getting a creative picture with the guys and then I realize that I don’t know what I’m going to do. So I start thinking and thinking and just decide to just have them sign my favorite journal (I’ve had it since I was about 6 or 7), give Will the note and then ask him for a kiss on the cheek. Simple right?

Jhustin comes back with the bracelet and I hurry up and put it on. I’m about 3 people away from meeting the guys and I see that Dana and Will notice me getting excited and I look away because of how embarrassed I felt. I notice that my phone has 7 PERCENT left and know that once it hits 5 percent I won’t be able to take ANY photos. So once it is my turn, I rush on stage (almost tripped I tell you) and quickly ask if I can get a kiss on the cheek from Will and he’s all like, “Yeah, sure!” and then I hand my phone to Dalton’s friends (Andrea & Kaitlin).

So there’s Cole, Will, me, Dana, Dalton, and Gabe - I’m standing between Will and Gabe hoping my phone hasn’t already reached 5 percent and that I won’t faint or anything. Will (on my left) is inching his lips toward my cheek and Dana (on my right) is laughing so hard at Will because of how slow it took him to kiss my cheek. OH MY GOSH I ALMOST DIED - I THOUGHT WILL DIDN’T WANT TO EVEN KISS MY CHEEK AND THEN I STARTED TO REGRET EVEN ASKING HIM.

Right after Will kisses my cheek I thought that Andrea/Kaitlin took the picture before he did, so without even thinking I pretty much whimper a “NOOO” and so Will has to kiss my cheek again. The guys huddle back closer to me and by this time I’m ready to die of embarrassment. After the second picture, I quickly grab my phone and then my journal from on top of the stereo thing and ask them all to sign it. Cole and Will were about to sign until Jill came by and was like, “Sorry but we don’t have time. Only t-shirts from the merch table please” and so then I was rushed off-stage looking like a fool.

I start to head down the stairs and remember in my back pocket is the note I wrote for Will. I turn around and start to hand it to him but then Andrea/Kaitlin take it and say that they will give it to him. Then Will asks for it, they give it to him, and then he looks at me and says, “Thank you” and then puts the note in this back pocket. I go down the stairs and then look back to see Will smiling/looking over and he is waving goodbye. I look next to me at a woman (who is not even paying attention) and I realize HE WAS WAVING AT ME. I quickly wave back but I don’t think he saw me.

I walk away smiling like an idiot with my journal pressed against my chest. I walk around the corner to see Jhustin and his mom sitting at a table waiting for me and I tell them about what happened. After 20 minutes we decided to go back to our friend’s house. I look over at the boys and I see them taking pictures with this little baby that has “IM5” on it’s outfit. Then soon the guys were leaving and the fans were starting to follow them and as I was leaving I almost turned back and followed them too. Lol, I couldn’t help but smile on the way to the car.

I will never forget that day. I mean they were so fun to watch when they were performing and you could see it in their faces. And wow let me tell you … IT WAS SO HOT. Imagine yourself… standing outside… people close around you… in the heat… for over 6 hours. Oh gosh it hurt…. but it was worth it.

Hope you guys enjoyed reading this! Thank you for letting me share. I’ve been wanting to for quite a while. And for all the 5ers who haven’t met the boys of IM5… trust me. YOU WILL! :)

P.S. I still don’t know if Will ever read the note……..


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A wonderful, beautiful, amazing 5er named Lily, and her equally as incredible older brother who knows just as much about the band as we do were in a car accident today. They’re both unconscious at this moment in time. They’re like my family. My brother and my sister. Please, please pray for them,…

I think we all need a group hug right now.


Pass it on. We will always love and support you Dalton. <3